Can Dreams Come True? YES!

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So, you have this dream. You want it more than anything else. It’s the purpose and mission of your life. Now what? How do you make your dreams come true? Dreams come true by developing as a person, working diligently and consistently, maintaining the right spirit, heart, and mind by controlling your thoughts, giving everything to it that you have been given, and your time.

You see, you have been given all the tools, connections, and finances you need to accomplish the next step and take you to the next phase of your dream. It is in your life at this moment. Your mission is to discover these things that are currently present in your life.

Belief and persistence has helped many a dreamer live their dreams. They just kept knocking; they just kept asking. They didn’t quit. They won because they were the last ones standing. They were the only ones left. When everyone else was quitting, they put a stake in the ground and refused to give up the ground they had taken. You must believe in yourself. You must believe in your dreams. You must believe in your cause, and you have to believe that your success is not rooted in yourself but is the culmination of other people in your life. You must believe that all things are possible if you are called to do them. A lot of things that are impossible to me are possible to someone whose mission it represents. It’s impossible for me to compete in the NBA but is more than possible – it is a reality – for those that are in the NBA.

Dreams do come true. Walt Disney’s classic story of belief. Started by the dreamer, Walt Disney, along with his brother Roy, launched their business with a wild hair idea. They wanted to create a magical place that inspired people of all ages to believe their dreams could come true. They saw how much fun people were having when the fair came to town and wanted to create a permanent fair, eventually known as an amusement park. Investors told him he was crazy, and his ideas would not work.  Nobody would come. People came from all over the world, but it was Walt Disney’s belief in his dream, hard work, persistence, and determination in spite of rejection and seemingly insurmountable odds that brought forth what we experience today.

If you were to ask a sports star, a movie star, or a musician what it took to make it to the Major Leagues or hit it big time, they would probably have answered similarly to what made Walt Disney successful. They would say they had an idea they believed in, worked hard, and were persistent in the face of adversity, and were determined to keep trying no matter how many times they were rejected and no matter the odds because they had nothing to lose no matter what they had.  If you don’t have your dreams to chase, then you really don’t have anything at all.

I’ve heard relatives of people at the end of their lives say that their loved ones died because they lost their will to live. This is often true, but I’m afraid it happens before the physical deaths more times than not. There are people dying every day that haven’t lived in years. They lost hope a long time ago. They gave up on their dreams long ago. They gave up on discovering their purpose and living their life according to that purpose years before. If you’re breathing, you can live and pursue your purpose with a fierce and fiery passion. There are people who cannot read the words on this page that have every opportunity for great success because they believe in their dreams, don’t know the meaning of the word “no”, and have the persistence, determination, and the will to never quit.

A requirement for success isn’t in higher education. A requirement for success isn’t that you come from a family of means, wealth, and prominence. A requirement for success isn’t that you do something that no one else can do. You can be successful and have all of your dreams come true by believing in your dreams, believing that you have been equipped by the Almighty to accomplish them, refusing to quit or give up, working hard in doing your best at what you’ve been called to do no matter how minor or unimportant it may seem.

If you are doing these things, then your mind is in the right place. You’re thinking the right thoughts and controlling your mind. If you have a difficult time believing that you can achieve your dreams, you need to go to work on your thought of life. The battle of your life is fought in your mind. Be a defender and a champion of your dreams. If you don’t fight for it, no one else will. I can’t accomplish your dreams for you. Only you can do that. You can’t accomplish my dreams for me. Only I can do that. But we can work together to help both of us achieve our dreams. Dreams were made to come true. They weren’t designed by the creator to drive you nuts, get you frustrated, or leave you feeling empty and like a failure. You have the seeds of greatness in you along with everything you need to move your dream forward in your life right now.


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